Chapters of the Vockstown Heroes

Dragon Fight

Coming back to Havenwood the group finds a librarian that wants to help with the decryption of the book they found in the orphanage. The librarians tells them that he has never seen such a complicated code and it will take some time to decipher. So while he worked on that the group take a break. After some much needed rest the group go to ask questions to Ompere and on their way they stubble on a priest freaking out. The priest is searching for anyone to help, so they listen to his troubles. He tells them about a red dragon that has destroyed and taken over a temple to the south. This temple was built to worship Bahamut. The temple sit on top of a mountain with only one stair path going up to the building. The group try to sneak in to assess the situation. They find a young red dragon sleeping in the middle of the temple. Most of the temple was destroyed. The dragon wakes to see our team getting into position. The dragon asks why they are there and do they think it wise. The team return the question with questions of their own about his actions. The dragon goes on to tell them that he wants to win favor with his master and this was one way to gain some respect by destroying a bahamut temple. The group replies asking if he is afraid of getting caught by Bahamut. The dragon laughed and told them he does not have to worry about Bahamut anymore. From there the dragon starts to attack. The battle ends with the group slaying the dragon and finding a treasure room in the back of the temple. The group exit the temple and rest in the town at the bottom of the mountain.

Orphan House

During the night at the inn, the group wakes up to their inn on fire. Someone was banging on their door to wake them. With their help the group is able to get their stuff and get out before the fire consumes them. Kassey tells them that she was members of the black fang start the fire. She explains that she is part of the white lotus group which is here to oppose the black fang. She tells them to follow her to safe location where they can talk. Soon the group finds themselves underground with a bunch of young kids. The girl explains that they need their help. There is an orphanage, called the Changing Home, outside the city and rumors of the black fang marching towards the orphanage scared them because that is where most of them came from. The group decides to help the kids and they hurry off to the orphanage.
Going to the orphanage DJ tells the group that he group up there and at one point ran away because headmaster was a bully. That headmaster was named, Mr. Coxs, and took over after the passing of a beloved headmaster. When the group gets to the house they notice that the black fang are in the house already. Kids are tied up together near the cart. The group hide the kids in the woods still tied up, and they tell them not to run. The group tactically work their way through the house killing any black fang and saving any kids or caregivers. They reach the top to find the headmaster was dead killed by a dragonborn warrior from the black fang. The group kills him and searches the room for answers. Upon searching the room the group finds the hidden passageway to the basement. In the basement they find ritual circles and crude instruments of torture. Finding some books that were encrypted by magic runes the group decided to keep the books and find a way to read them later.

Assassins and the secret village

The group now rest at Havenwood. Gearing up and resting after an epic battle at Thistlecreek. The group is approached by a messenger saying they need to speak to Ompere, Leader of the Black Fang. The group meets with Ompere in a bakery shop in Havenwood. Next to him is a drow named Aelin. He tells the group he needs their help after stating he knows of their victories in Thistlewood and even Baron’s Hill. After some hard questioning from the group they decide to help him for a hefty price. He agrees but tells them that Aelin must go with them.

Leaving the town on horse back they group travels for several days to come nothing. Aelin gets off her horse and speaks an enchantment. A country town appears before their eyes. Aelin gets back on her horse and they ride into town. Once in town the group notices that things are strange indeed. People are dead in the street and crops have been burnt. The group investigates but it seems the people that are still alive are charmed by some dark magic. With zero answers the group starts to look around the town. The group finds a tea shop with a shopkeeper asking for weird request. Some of the group members do the request while others fail. The shopkeeper reveals themselves to be an assassin and starts a fight. The same dark magic is seen in their eyes. The group defeats the assassin and learns that there are 5 assassins in town all possessed by a dark magic. The assassin clear of mind ask to the group to kill the others and free them.

The group with a new mission goes around the town and finds each assassin and kills them. Each assassin help in one last breath to reach the next one as a dark pool of blackness comes streaming from their bodies. The pool vanishes after some time but it seemed to be looking for a new host. The last Assassin was meditating in the temple on the top of the hill. After a fierce fight with the group the assassin mentions that the group should be careful of the mage that has no name.

The group goes back to town to get their money and ask questions about what they witnessed. When they get back to the bakery, Ompere is not there but their money is ready for them. They go to a near by inn to rest.

Battle for Thistlecreek

The group gears up and heads out towards Thistlecreek. Thistlecreek is an encampment for soldiers of Havenwood to train. Over the years it has turned from only military tents to a mix of military life and town life as it grew into a gated community. When the group arrive they notice that the Fey world was consuming their world. Fey was overtaking their plain of existence. With some stealth work in town they found the source of magic to be pylons that were scattered around the town. Each pylon had a mage and several guards keeping it up and running. The group dissembles the pylons and on the last one they capture a guard to gain information. The guard told them on a powerful mage that if his name was spoken he would die. They learned that there were some prisoners still alive inside the castle. Also that the Rythone family (Aedin’s Family) was involved with some dark magic. Shara also heard messages from Lolth about this dark magic. Out of anger Lolth kills the hostage. The group decides to work their way into the center castle to find this mage and rescue the prisoners. They get inside to find the commanding officer being held prisoner along with Aedin’s sister, Elara. Elara tells Aedin the story about how the eldest brother made some bad deals and got the family in a terrible situation. He decided to enlist the help of a mage with dark magic which in turn corrupted the family slowly over time. Aedin tells his sister to get out and head to Vockstown where she will be safe. Then the group heads out to find the mage. After some searching in the castle the group finds the mage in a fey split room. Aedin’s oldest brother Ocerin stands to fight Aedin and group. The group light on their feet avoid certain death of the fey magic, defeating the mage and Ocerin. The mages body crumbles to pieces. The group finds a necklace with a symbol of a withered hand holding a parchment laying in the clothes of the mage.

Quick Summary

The group travels back to vockstown only to see it mostly deserted. They find a strange and powerful magic source in the newly built school in town. They find a portal that opened from the land of the dead and demons are pouring out of this portal. After clearing the school of any demons they find a student who fills them in on what is happening. Their teacher along with some student worked with some dark magic to open the portal and vanished inside. They also learned they need a potion to be able to travel safely inside the land of the dead. After drinking the potion, they knew they had to act fast before the magic wore off. After crossing the portal they landed on top of hill in a ritual circle in the land of the dead. They travel to booville which was a near by city that was being attacked by demons. The group fight their way to the center of the city and learn that demons have grown in power and were using a relic to help conquer such a vast dead city. Once they reach ground zero of the demon’s power they found the teacher (Mr. Smarty) working with a demon. The group fight and kill both the demon and Mr. Smarty. They did not get many answers on what had happened except that there is a new cult around and Mr. Smarty was only a pawn. With both the demon and the teacher dead the power source dries up and frees the city from the demon invasion. Keln was able to get an undead horse from his friend Budrick. The team ask Budrick to join them as they make their way back through the portal. They need someone on that side to help close the portal for good, budrick was happy to help.

Goblins are the Worst pt 2

Our heroes regroup and rest up after a near death experience for badaxe. They decide to wait for dark, until then they search the forest for any help that they can find. Aedin feels a dark power coming east of the goblin camp. The group go to see what power is living in this forest. Meanwhile, DJ continues to act like a goblin. He is tested by the commander of the army, he passes the test. He notices that a collection of goblins leave the camp in the middle of the night. The rest of the group find a small cabin in the forest. Aedin can sense a powerful presence in the cabin. They ready themselves. After they knock, an old women answers the door. After some questions they soon find out that the old women is a witch named, (placeholder). The witch tells them that the goblins have something of hers and if they can bring that item back to her she will help them into the camp. Some of the group members question her help and question her motive. She then shows Shara a lolth tattoo. Shara then makes a blood oath to retrieve her item. With that, the witch cuts Shara’s hand and her own, which creates a blood door for them to use. Once Franky finds a safe spot for the boy the group enters into the door. On the other side the group finds themselves in a empty goblin tent. Doing some stealthy moves, franky looks around to see where they ended up. He tells the group they made it to the center of the camp and that they are all near the fire (created by the wagon and their stuff). The party decide to pick up the tent and rush down a goblin….the idea does not go as planned. Several of the members trip and trap themselves in the tent. The whole camp is alerted by their presence. Our heroes fight off the goblins even with the rough start, DJ also joins in the battle. The commander on his wolf with his trusted mage come out of their tent and join the fight as well. Our heroes with some struggle kill off the goblins and their commander (and wolf). Two goblins are captured. They question the goblins. The goblins confess to killing everyone in Red Balin. They also mention a town west of them called Thistlecreek. The goblins tell them that the Eladrin and Humans are fighting at Thistlecreek. With all the information squeezed out of them, Shara kills them. They decide to head to Heavenwood first to sell and buy equipment before going to Thistlecreek. During the night Keln get awoken by a dead comrade name, Budrick. He says the land of the dead is under attack by demons and that there is a tear in both worlds at a place where they have walked through. Keln the next day tells his comrades of this dream and he tells them he is going to Vockstown to see if the tear is located in town. The group decides to hold off on Thistlecreek and go to Vockstown but first they want to top at Havenwood. So they gather their things and head off to Havenwood.

Goblins are the Worst

Our heroes after resting up from a long night of fighting gnomes and warforged units start to head back down the mountain. On the way down they notice smoke coming from the direction of the village of Red Balin. They head into the village to notice the villagers are dead. Blood and fire consume the town. The group look for tracks or any answers on what had happen. Badaxe finds a small boy named Kit. The boy tells them that goblins came into the town and they had nothing to defend against them, so he hid as they tore apart the town. The party bring the boy along as they hunt down the goblins. They go back out of the town, they notice the canyon is gone. The canyon disappeared with the town’s leader who was keeping the illusion alive. When they exit the forest they notice their wagon (and sheep) are gone. So they follow the tracks. After hours of searching they enter a thick forest but in the middle stands a small fortress. High walls and watchtowers wrap around this fortress. So the group decide to climb a tree to see what is happening. What they see is a small army of goblins drinking and burning their wagon. In a rage badaxe runs at the fortress. Archers notice the bugbear running at the wall and take aim. Badaxe drops to the ground. DJ being a changeling decides to change into a goblin and head to the entrance. After some very good acting he convinces them that he is one of them. He enters the camp. The rest of the party grab badaxe and head back into the forest.

Quest for the Bloodstone Pt 4

Our heroes find an opening dropping them into a room with some gnomes. After a quick fight, they look around the room to find some gold along with another poem piece. At this point the group find another hallway leading to a shaft that drops to a lower level. One at a time the group drop down. They land in a room full of broken warforged units. They continue out the room and down a hallway to find a giant door. They open the door to find a large opening of lava with platforms scattered around the room. They cross a bridge to get to the center platform with a ring of dwarven writings etched into the ring. Seeing five different bowels around the platform they notice it will take components to do the ritual. To help them they look at the poem for guidance. The poem give them hints to items to put into the bowels as offerings. The group try different items, some worked some did not, but they eventually find the right combination. The pedestal lower into the platform and raise a bridge to another platform that held a forge. Before the group could get over to the forge a large red warforged assembles in front of them. The group decide to send one person a time over to work on the forge as the rest of the group fight the large warforged. Once the forge was used another bridge appeared near a anvil. So again, a member of the party went to work on working the sword on the anvil. After that, the last bridge appeared hold a magic circle of water. So again, one member went to cool the sword down. The group conquer the giant metal beast, but before it fell it throws its sword at the roof of the cave starting a cave in. The group give the sword to Shara. The sword looked like it was made from the parts that were offerings at the beginning of the ritual. Rocks begin to fall around them, our heroes hold off on the celebration until later. With some strong climbing and careful balance they group make it out of the cave as it crumbles behind them. Dust swirls around them as they cough and smile, they had final created Lifedrinker 2

Quest for the Bloodstone Pt 3

Our adventures make a tough hike up the mountain to find this hidden door to the forge. After some time passes, they stumble across an opening to a cave. Outside goblin signs stand telling any intruders to stay away. They decide to sleep for the night before adventuring forward. The next day they pack up their stuff and head into the mouth of the cave. Once inside, they notice this is no ordinary cave. It had stone doors which held rooms or labs or supplies for mining. Getting deeper into the cave the party needed to use their lanterns to find their way around. Upon going deeper, the party start to hears sounds of footsteps and child like laughter. Turning a corner the group find a red warforged and a crazy little gnome. After the battle, the group find more rooms with notes. These notes, written in goblin & dwarven, talk about the history of the forge. Our heroes find out that the warforged had gone crazy from the dwarfs putting bloodstone into them. They also find a page to a poem, they keep their eyes out for the rest of the poem as they travel. The party enters a large open room. The room is lit, when they look to see by what they notice lava several levels below them. They also notice a room broken off from the path they are in. The group finds a wooden board to help them cross the gap to the open room. Inside the room, they find more documents (another poem) and a shield. The shield holds the image of a dragon breathing fire. They also find a ring that has draconic writings scribed on top. Regrouping they head down the stairs on the other side of the large room. On the second floor the group finds a collection of bad guys waiting for them along with acid traps on the floor. The party carefully take down the bad guys. Searching the second floor they find a skeleton holding documents. Taking the documents set off a trap burning the papers and the party. Searching more they find a door that leads them to a puzzle room. Jumping onto the right platforms the group open a chest to find gold and a bloodmaul weapon. They press on knowing they are close to the end.

Quest for the Bloodstone Pt 2

Our heroes got to the other side of the canyon to find a simple farming town. This town was full of halflings living in dwarven structures. They notice that everyone in the town running into their home and their children heading to the center of town. The group follows. Once they get to the center of this town, they notice a large Dwarven statue in the center of town with a different red stone built into the staff that the dwarf was holding. Ulma, the leader of the town, came out to greet the group. After some words with the Ulma, the group noticed that the children of the town had snapped devices on their bodies. Ulma stated that they should leave town, he said that the devices were magically locked and would drain their blood if they stayed longer than 4 hours in town. So the party split up into two groups. Hour one: One group decided to talk to the bartender in the small tavern. They learned about Ulma and his eating habits. Group two broke down the statue in the middle of town, they are able to get the red stone out of the statue. Hour two: Group one went on watch to see when Ulma went to eat at the tavern. Group two went to the local store. There they found it completely empty except some notes about dwarf trading goods with another unknown party. Hour three:Group one went to talk to Ulma as a distraction at the tavern as he ate his dinner. Group two broke into his home to search for any clues to get the devices off. Group two found a collection of the same devices along with notes about the town. They decide to take the devices and the notes. Everyone met back up, they decide to head out towards the mountains. This was the best bet to find what they came here for and to keep the devices from killing them. So they leave the town with their only protection in hand.


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