Keln Smolderfoot

Stalwart Paladin of Bahamut


Keln has changed somewhat since his earlier days.

He now carries much more draconic ornamentation, as would befit his deity Bahamut.

He is average height for a dwarf, with short dark hair and long beard that has been known to be too long for his helmet to cover. He is bulky and formidable, but not yet to the point of hindering movement.

With some recent purchases and found items, he now bears a large rectangular shield with the image of a dragon that passively emits small blue flames from nostril and mouth and a large hammer with a lined, faintly glowing series of interconnected lines on the head.
His armor is darkened, near black, and also bears the clawed feet of dragons as if they would be perched on his shoulders. His tabard is nearly-pristine white, with blue borders that are burnt away or blackened and slightly curling in placed. His boots are also blackened at the heel and toe, and have been known to carry a flame when certain manifestations of his deity take shape.

Of late a stout, sturdy warhorse has come into his possession. This animal is lined and is also lightly burning in blue flames. This was a gift from a dear friend that had previously passed away.


What is your name? Keln Smolderfoot

Where are you from? A somewhat successful mining clan to the West

Particular skills/profession? My Paladin is charged with accruing knowledge and power in his clan’s version of a ‘walkabout’. He will eventually return to share this knowledge and take his place in the Order.

What do you look like? In armor, sort of a silver turtle. I’m a squat dwarf with a large hammer hand-etched with faintly glowing runes and a thick round shield. My dark black beard hangs out under my facemask and helmet.

Are there any apparent traits others would recognize? Keln tends to frown when not speaking to others or thinking about things, he is very comfortable around his equipment and is known to use his hammer or shield or armor as makeshift furniture to create small desks to journal or prop his feet up to read.

Do you have any specific history? Keln’s clan gives out names as honorifics, not legacies. Smolderfoot was bestowed on Keln after a harrowing evening with his other paladin and priest brethren attempting to clear out a barrow haunted with evil spirits. Unfortunately when his comrades were felled, they were inhabited by the spirits and rose again in battle. Keln’s devotion and holy fire were both tested that night. In the morning as he emerged from the barrow, small flames lingered on his soot-blackened boots. He then knelt and prayed for the fallen and very shortly after left the clan to begin his walkabout.

Keln Smolderfoot

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