Chapters of the Vockstown Heroes

Assassins and the secret village

The group now rest at Havenwood. Gearing up and resting after an epic battle at Thistlecreek. The group is approached by a messenger saying they need to speak to Ompere, Leader of the Black Fang. The group meets with Ompere in a bakery shop in Havenwood. Next to him is a drow named Aelin. He tells the group he needs their help after stating he knows of their victories in Thistlewood and even Baron’s Hill. After some hard questioning from the group they decide to help him for a hefty price. He agrees but tells them that Aelin must go with them.

Leaving the town on horse back they group travels for several days to come nothing. Aelin gets off her horse and speaks an enchantment. A country town appears before their eyes. Aelin gets back on her horse and they ride into town. Once in town the group notices that things are strange indeed. People are dead in the street and crops have been burnt. The group investigates but it seems the people that are still alive are charmed by some dark magic. With zero answers the group starts to look around the town. The group finds a tea shop with a shopkeeper asking for weird request. Some of the group members do the request while others fail. The shopkeeper reveals themselves to be an assassin and starts a fight. The same dark magic is seen in their eyes. The group defeats the assassin and learns that there are 5 assassins in town all possessed by a dark magic. The assassin clear of mind ask to the group to kill the others and free them.

The group with a new mission goes around the town and finds each assassin and kills them. Each assassin help in one last breath to reach the next one as a dark pool of blackness comes streaming from their bodies. The pool vanishes after some time but it seemed to be looking for a new host. The last Assassin was meditating in the temple on the top of the hill. After a fierce fight with the group the assassin mentions that the group should be careful of the mage that has no name.

The group goes back to town to get their money and ask questions about what they witnessed. When they get back to the bakery, Ompere is not there but their money is ready for them. They go to a near by inn to rest.


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