Chapters of the Vockstown Heroes

Dragon Fight

Coming back to Havenwood the group finds a librarian that wants to help with the decryption of the book they found in the orphanage. The librarians tells them that he has never seen such a complicated code and it will take some time to decipher. So while he worked on that the group take a break. After some much needed rest the group go to ask questions to Ompere and on their way they stubble on a priest freaking out. The priest is searching for anyone to help, so they listen to his troubles. He tells them about a red dragon that has destroyed and taken over a temple to the south. This temple was built to worship Bahamut. The temple sit on top of a mountain with only one stair path going up to the building. The group try to sneak in to assess the situation. They find a young red dragon sleeping in the middle of the temple. Most of the temple was destroyed. The dragon wakes to see our team getting into position. The dragon asks why they are there and do they think it wise. The team return the question with questions of their own about his actions. The dragon goes on to tell them that he wants to win favor with his master and this was one way to gain some respect by destroying a bahamut temple. The group replies asking if he is afraid of getting caught by Bahamut. The dragon laughed and told them he does not have to worry about Bahamut anymore. From there the dragon starts to attack. The battle ends with the group slaying the dragon and finding a treasure room in the back of the temple. The group exit the temple and rest in the town at the bottom of the mountain.


josh_crump josh_crump

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