Chapters of the Vockstown Heroes

Orphan House

During the night at the inn, the group wakes up to their inn on fire. Someone was banging on their door to wake them. With their help the group is able to get their stuff and get out before the fire consumes them. Kassey tells them that she was members of the black fang start the fire. She explains that she is part of the white lotus group which is here to oppose the black fang. She tells them to follow her to safe location where they can talk. Soon the group finds themselves underground with a bunch of young kids. The girl explains that they need their help. There is an orphanage, called the Changing Home, outside the city and rumors of the black fang marching towards the orphanage scared them because that is where most of them came from. The group decides to help the kids and they hurry off to the orphanage.
Going to the orphanage DJ tells the group that he group up there and at one point ran away because headmaster was a bully. That headmaster was named, Mr. Coxs, and took over after the passing of a beloved headmaster. When the group gets to the house they notice that the black fang are in the house already. Kids are tied up together near the cart. The group hide the kids in the woods still tied up, and they tell them not to run. The group tactically work their way through the house killing any black fang and saving any kids or caregivers. They reach the top to find the headmaster was dead killed by a dragonborn warrior from the black fang. The group kills him and searches the room for answers. Upon searching the room the group finds the hidden passageway to the basement. In the basement they find ritual circles and crude instruments of torture. Finding some books that were encrypted by magic runes the group decided to keep the books and find a way to read them later.


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